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In the last decades, more chemicals have been synthesized and used than ever before. These chemicals play a crucial role in the improvement of manufacturing and production, as well as in crop and environmental protection.
The sensitization of consumers regarding the contamination of soil, water, air, food and consumer products has the consequence that products that are not backed up with analytical data are no longer considered to be acceptable.
To meet today’s environmental, food and consumer products regulatory requirements, it is essential that Reference Standards of the highest purity and quality are used throughout the analysis.
For the calibration of instruments and the validation of analytical methods, it is an enormous advantage to work with analytical standards from an external producer.

is one of the most respected brands in the world for Reference Standards.
AccuStandard Europe, through successful relationships with its many partners in Europe, strives to meet the continuously increasing requirements for both its top-quality products and its fine customer service.


Dr. Vogel GmbH

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