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WIL Research former NOTOX CH Office - was founded in 1994 by Dr. Wilfried and Charlotte Vogel. Today our goal is to bring the knowledge and services of WIL Research. in s-Hertogenbosch (the Netherlands) closer to the sponsors in Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Austria.

WIL Research offers a comprehensive range of management and laboratory services to help you meet the global safety research requirements for new drugs, chemicals, agrochemicals and biocides.

Our knowledge and in-depth experience of the safety and risk aspects for new compounds enables us to assist you in the registration process.


Dr. Vogel GmbH

WIL Research
Walliswilweg 2
CH-4704 Niederbipp

T: +41-(0)32-633-0015
F: +41-(0)32-633-2802

E-Mail: wilfried.vogel@wilresearch.com

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